Custom Cartography
- Maps for books, brochures, magazines, pamphlets, reports, wall maps, websites etc.
 GIS Analysis
- Ability to figure out "Who, what, where, when, why, and how" something is happening in a specific location.
 Shirts, hoodies, and totes!
    - Custom designs

 Artistic Maps
    - Maps, geographic images on different media (wood/metal/walls/substrates)
    - Commissions for your own idea
 Large Format Printing
- Print high quality maps and images

 I can use a wide variety of datasets, images, and techniques to create the map or perform the analysis that you need.
 Data is available for many places throughout the world and the level of accuracy is always improving.
 Please inquire about a specific location if you would like more information.
 Here are some ideas for maps or analysis that you might need:

- Your property (home, ranch, vineyard etc.)
  - A project site
  - A place that you may have been or want to go
  - A map for an event
  - A regional look at your area
  - Topographic features (elevation, slope, aspect, etc.)
  - Roads, pipelines and other linear features
  - Animal and plant species
and many more...

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